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As Saki Uno, she has pink hair in a short bob with an ahoge and large green eyes.

Saki's uniform consists of a butter yellow long-sleeved sweater, a white button-down, a red and blue patterned plaid bow and pleated skirt white knee-high socks, and brown loafers.

Saki's Idol Outfit consists of a dark pink vest, a puffy-sleeved button-down, a blue bow, and a plaid patterned pleated skirt, white over-the-knee socks, and a pair of blue boots.

Saki's dream Magical Girl appearance has the same pink princess theme as Mahou Shoujo Ore but with her actual female form.

She is almost completely tone-deaf.


Saki is rather out-going being loud and confrontational, however, she gets embarrassed when Kokoro-chan talks about her crush on Mohiro.


Saki Uno is the protagonist of Mahou Shoujo Ore. The daughter of Sayori Uno the region's old magical girl. Saki is trying to become a famous idol duo under the name "Magical Twins" with her childhood friend Sakuyo Mikage. Unfortunately, she hasn't had much luck. Saki has had a crush on Sakuyo's brother Mohiro Mikage, a member of the popular idol group Star*Prince, since childhood and wishes to get closer to him by being an idol.

Saki first sees Kokoro-chan attempting to kick down the gate to her house after an unsuccessful flash concert where Magical Twins debuted their song "Honeyed Flash! Hey, I Can Change!". Kokoro-chan quickly drags her into the house in front of Sakuyo and their Manager. Kokoro-chan and Sayori give the impression of being involved in the Yakuza and Enjo Kosai, before revealing that Sayori was the region's former magical girl and due to her aging can no longer continue protecting the region from Demons. Kokoro-chan reveals himself to be Sayori's old mascot with a speech tic that leads to him saying "dammit" at the end of his sentences. Kokoro-chan is interested in scouting Saki because she fits the two criteria for Magical Girls: She's 15 and has a crush on someone.

Sayori encourages this and pushes her daughter to fill her place. The contract presented to Saki is mundane and the image of the Demons she'll be fighting far cuter than she expected. After Kokoro-chan reveals the Demons are targeting Mohiro Saki quickly rushes off to protect him without signing the contract. After confessing her feelings for Mohiro Saki and using her Love Power Index to become Mahou Shoujo Ore.