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Sakuyo Mikage (御翔 桜世 Mikage Sakuyo)/Magical Girl Sakigasuki (魔法少女サキガスキ Mahōshōjo Sakigasuki) is the best friend and co-singer of Saki Uno in Magical Twin who also has the ability to transform into a Magical Girl to protect her. Her Magical Girl name is derived from Saki ga suki (さきが好き, "I love Saki"). Her appearance and character are so similar to the brother's that her male form looks like a more developed Mohiro Mikage.


Sakuyo has short black hair that has bangs which often cover her right eye, two strands of hair that frame the sides of her face and purple eyes. She usually wears a blue sweater and a plaid bow, a plaid skirt skirt, black leggings and brown shoes as part of her school uniform.

As an idol, Sakuyo wears a blue vest and shoes, a red ribbon in a bow, short white socks and her hair remains the same.


Sakuyo is protective of the person she loves who is also supportive and competitive, as seen in Episode One when she inspires Saki Uno to keep trying so they can eventually get better than Mohiro Mikage (Sakuyo's older brother).



  • Her name Sakuyo means "cherry blossom" (桜) (saku) and "world" (世) (yo).
  • Sakuyo's surname Mikage means "soar" (御翔).
  • Sakuyo has feelings for Saki Uno that it has been revealed that these feelings are also sexual.