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Sayori has pink hair like her daughter, Saki Uno, but instead of one ahoge, she has two. She has green eyes.

She always wears a pink shirt and blue pencil skirt. Sayori wears a yellow apron with the word, "OKAN," on it.


She is a very sweet person, and always cooks breakfast for her daughter before she goes to school, even if it is a little ridiculous.

She's in charge of waking Saki up every morning, but Sayori always listens when she says, "30 more minutes," which is why Saki is always late.


She became a magical girl at 14, seeing her crush Uno-kun being assaulted by delinquents. She mistook them for his friends at first, but when they started to attack him, she took the initiative. The two eventually got married.


  • She has terrible back problems.
  • She is also a magical girl.
  • Her magical girl form is called Magical milf Sayo-Chin.
  • Kokoro-Chan calls her Sayo-Chin.
  • Her horoscope sign is Taurus, and her blood type is B.
  • Her maiden name is Tanaka.



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